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Very Frustrating....

If you have been looking at our website you will have seen the expected start date go back, back and back to its current estimate of October.

This is because the restoration of a classic vehicle to a standard where it is absolutely safe, smart and reliable is not without problems. Covid has not helped.

Delivered from the paint shop looking fantastic, The Little White Taxi then went to the upholsterer for the internal refurbishment, only to be told that the material chosen was not in the country due to the importer closing during lockdown!

The interior is now very nearly complete.

The Little White Taxi is currently at the garage having its mechanical overhaul.

Several parts that are unexpectedly required have been hard and time consuming to track down because of manufacturers closing for the duration of the covid "emergency".

It's not like we are looking for parts for a 2018 Ford Thingamijig, these old taxis are getting rare and not many firms make the parts!

The rear axle had a whine. Nothing major, but not what you want to be listening to when travelling.

Parts were ordered well in advance of the scheduled mechanical work to refurbish the axle that The Little White Taxi SHOULD have had.

When the mechanic took the rear axle off to rebuild it he quickly realised that the internals were nothing like that depicted in the workshop manual for the 1995 Fairway. The axle ACTUALLY fitted is in fact a more modern design (no bad thing), but was significantly more complex to rebuild (bad thing).

When The Little White Taxi was built, LTI were gearing up to bring the TX1 into production. It was apparently pot luck whether a particular taxi had a Fairway or TX1 axle when it was being assembled. The Little White Taxi has a TX1 axle. It was decided that it was best to send the whole axle away to a specialist to put it back together.

The courier then lost the axle for a week!

It is now with the specialist being re-assembled as I type.

That is where we are at the moment.

Still to do once the axle is refitted is the completion of the interior, fit the taximeter, a few other minor jobs, give The Little White Taxi a polish and get the hackney license from the council.

October......fingers crossed!

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