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Boring Bits

Terms and conditions.

Prices quoted on the website are simply a guide and assume the pick up address is within 20 miles or so road travel of Bude.

Please ask for your personal quote if you are further afield.


Bookings for boutique hire, charter, weddings, tours and experiences will be fixed in the diary only after a 50% deposit has been received.

The balance is payable upon the start of the hiring, or for weddings, a week or so before the big day.


Cancellations for Boutique hire, charter, tours and experiences within a week of the event will incur a 10% charge.

(Cancellations or postponements of experiences and tours due to predicted bad weather will not incur a penalty.)

Wedding cancellations and postponements.

Postponements within a month will incur a 10% charge. Cancellations within a month will incur a 50% charge.

Cancellations and postponements Due To COVID.

In the event you have to cancel your hiring due to COVID related circumstances any deposit paid will be "held on account" for you to use against future services.

There is no penalty for postponement.

(I don't want to catch it!)

Refunds Of Deposits Paid By Zettle Link Or Card.

Refunds of all deposits paid by Zettle payment link or card shall incur a 5% charge to cover transaction charges levied by Zettle.

Refunds of deposits paid by bank transfer directly to us incur no charge.

Unforeseen Circumstances.

In the event of a breakdown or other unforeseen circumstance which prohibits The Little White Taxi from attending your booking or completing your journey / experience, any money paid will be totally refunded. No further liability will be accepted beyond this.

If you have booked The Little White Taxi for your wedding day, please have a "plan B" for your transport.

Glenys is usually reliable and I do my upmost to make sure she stays that way, but she is twenty seven years old and components do occasionally fail. I will notify you immediately if there is a problem.

Negative effects of alcohol and other drugs

(Prescription or otherwise).

Whilst we want you to have a good time, if party members are showing signs of intoxication to the extent that they are a danger to themselves or other people, the tour/experience shall be cancelled and the deposit forfeit.

The driver's decision is final and no discussion shall be entered into.

Food Allergies.

It is your responsibility to inform us if any member of your party is intolerant of any food group at the time of booking a Cream Tea Ride or tea and cake extra to a hiring.

Tour and Cream Tea Ride Risk Assessment.

It is your responsibility to ensure every member of your party is familiar with this document (below).

Wedding And Boutique Hire.

Extra mileage is charged at 40 pence per mile for the first 100 miles, thereafter charged at the standard taximeter rate as set by Cornwall Council.

If you are uncontactable when the "paid for" time expires the taxi shall wait an additional quarter hour before it is assumed the taxi is no longer required and the hiring shall terminate.

We Are Based In Bude.

It is assumed that tours, experiences, wedding hire and boutique hire start from the Bude area.

There may possibly be an extra charge for a pick up at address away from Bude. Please ask.

Gift card Terms.

Our Gift Cards may be used for full or part payment for any service offered by The Little White Taxi.

No change will be given if the gift card balance exceeds the cost of the service.

In the event that the gift card balance exceeds the cost of the service the card will be altered by the driver to show the new value.

The gift card value will only ever be altered to a lower value.

A record of all gift cards issued and their value is kept by The Little White Taxi and any discrepancy between the card and the record shall render the card invalid.

The card is valid for twelve months from the date of issue.

The card has no cash value.

Our charges.

For hirings begun and finished within the district of North Cornwall the taximeter must, by law, be engaged for the entirety of the hiring. If at the end of the hiring the amount displayed on the meter is less than the agreed price for the hiring the hirer is entitled, by law, to pay the lower price. However an itemised receipt can be issued for taxi hire as the per meter rate plus costs for special carpet rental, ice bucket rental, glassware rental, flowers and other decorations, as well as tour guide services and call out charges as appropriate to the total of the agreed price.

Prices will be clearly stated before the time of booking. If you are not happy with the price, please do not book the service.

Your Property.

Possessions are left unattended in The Little White Taxi entirely at their owners risk.

Reserved Rights.

We reserve the right to refuse your booking without explanation.

Alcohol licensing requirements.

Complimentary wine is not a requirement of engagement of The Little White Taxi.

Apply by email with your address for delivery of a completely complimentary 187ml bottle of wine.

Delivery charges will apply for delivery outside of the Bude area. No timescale will be advised for delivery. One bottle per address only.

Risk Assessment

Customers for any of the tours or cream tea ride must familiarise themselves with this document. 


Slips, trips and falls whilst walking on uneven, slippery and loose surfaces.


Injury sustained from falling. 


Sensible footwear is advised on the tour / cream tea ride. This is mentioned in the description on the website and upon booking. 

Customers will be advised at the start of the tour / cream tea ride that some surfaces are uneven, slippery and may be loose.  


Slips, trips and falls at river bank / cliff top locations. 


Risk of injury from falling from height or drowning from falling into river or sea. 


Customers will be advised to stay clear of the river bank and not to approach edge of cliff top.  Customers are warned of the proximity of the cliff edge at appropriate points of the tour and will be advised to stay clear of cliff top edges, particularly those showing signs of collapse.  

Tours will not be conducted in adverse weather.


Separation and disorientation in darkness. 


Customers of the night tour may become disorientated in unfamiliar locations in the dark. 


Customers are issued with a torch and instructed to use it only pointed downward to illuminate the ground so as to preserve their “night vision”. 

Customers are told to stay in the group and to speak out if the pace of the group is too fast for them to easily keep up. Customers are advised to carry their mobile phone. 


Hot water spillage and hot surfaces of stove, kettle and tea pot.


Burns and scalds.


Burns or scalds from hot water and hot surfaces. The stove shall only be used on the ground outside the vehicle. Customers shall be told to keep at a safe distance from the stove and not to touch it or the kettle even if apparently cold. Customers will be instructed to only move the tea pot by its handle. First aid kit will be readily available.


Negative effects of alcohol / drug consumption. 


Impaired balance and a lessening of the sense personal responsibility.


Customers showing signs of intoxication to the extent that they are a danger to themselves or others in the party will not be admitted for the tour.


Adverse weather conditions.


Hypothermia, heat exhaustion, sunstroke.


Customers advised to wear weather appropriate clothing as stated on the website tour description and reiterated upon booking.  

The tour will not proceed in adverse weather.


Spoiled dairy products. 


Possible mild food poisoning from spoiled dairy products.


All consumables are purchased fresh on the morning of the cream tea ride and stored in a powered refrigerated insulated container before consumption (not more than four hours). 


Food contamination. 


Possible mild to severe food poisoning due to food contamination.


Antibacterial / antiviral spray is available to customers as well as food handling staff for sanitization of hands. Food is handled using single use disposable latex gloves. (Non powdered.)  

Food handling equipment (Plates, cutlery, etc.) is washed with hot water and detergent prior to packing away during preparation for the cream tea ride. 


Food allergies. 


Customers may react to food allergens.


Customers will be asked to state any food intolerances at the time of booking. Special foodstuff is kept in separate containers to avoid cross contamination.


Road traffic collision or breakdown.


Serious injury / stranded at the site of an incident. 


The taxi fully complies with road regulations and is regularly serviced and maintained. Passengers are assured of safe return to the start location at no additional expense to themselves. Mobile phone available at all times in case of emergency. Mobile phone number for each passenger and their I.C.E contact is readily accessible

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