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Castles, Canals and Witches.
Guided Tour Of North Cornwall.
Explore Cornish Icons In A British Icon.

North Cornwall has some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK.

It's not just pretty, it's an incredibly old landscape and it's history goes back beyond the dawn of civilisation.
Cornwall is littered with stone circles and ancient burial mounds, some of which which we visit.

Are you intrigued by the legend of King Arthur?

Have you seen the smallest property owned by The National Trust?

Learn of the writer who built it and went there for inspiration.

What makes the Bude Canal almost unique in the world?

Two castles in Boscastle?

Visit the grave of a witch.

Did you know North Cornwall played an important role in

World War 2?

What part does North Cornwall play in the World Wide Web and the current day security of the nation?

Join us in a visit to Tintagel Brewery, tour the brewhouse and see the brewers at work.

(Subject to availability and at additional cost.)

Can you dowse for ley lines?

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Join us for the day (or half day) to discover all this and very much more.

The whole experience for up to six people will last all (or half a) day.

You will be picked up at 09.30 and dropped back at...well, let's just say "Don't book an early dinner." (If you opt for a half day, it'll be around lunchtime.)

You will need sensible walking shoes and weather appropriate outer clothing to make the most from this tour. There is around two and a half miles gentle strolling involved split between four of the places we visit.

If you would like to split this tour over two generous half days for a more relaxed pace, this is not usually a problem.

Simply mention you'd like to do the whole tour over two days when you book.

We guarantee stunning scenery.

We (almost) guarantee something you haven't seen before.

Obviously you will see less with a half day tour.

Exactly what you'll see depends entirely on you.

We have a tour laid out which we follow at your own pace and is adaptable according to your interests.

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Thanks to Connie McGinn for allowing us to use her picture.


A group of 6 people sharing the cost of this whole day tour would pay £49.84 per head.

The price for the whole day tour for any number of people up to six is £299.

A group of 6 people sharing the cost of this half day tour would pay £29.17 per head.

The price for the half day tour for any number of people up to six is £175.

This is a private tour, just for you and your party.

The tour is conducted at your own pace, so there's plenty of time for souvenir and ice cream shopping.

This price does not include lunch nor optional entrance fees to various attractions which you may like to spend more time looking into.

This experience is excluded from our cancellations and postponements policy if cancellation is due to predicted bad weather. (We don't want to be out in it either!)