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History Of The Taxi

Old FX4.webp

Designed in around 1955 the FX4 was a collaboration between Mann and Overton, who were the vehicle supplier to the London taxi trade, and the British car and van manufacturer Austin.

Designed around the Metropolitan Police "conditions of fitness" the interior head height, step height and legendary turning circle are all requirements for taxis to this day. Going into production in 1959 the FX4 saw very little change until 1989.

The vehicle saw an overhaul of the interior to include wheelchair accessibility. The manufacturers also fitted the superb Nissan engine and it was re named "Fairway".

A few years later the steering, suspension and braking system were bought up to date. The very last Fairway was built on the first of October 1997.

Glenys was built in 1995 and had four owners during her twenty year career in London. She was then restored and used as a promotional tool for a firm for around three years. She was then owned by a taxi trade mechanic for around two years. The Little White Taxi came to Cornwall in May 2020 and has undergone extensive cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment.


Glenys is one of around only 10 still in public service and one of only 307 currently on the road in the UK.

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