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Meet Gorgeous Glenys

Little White Taxi.jpg

Gorgeous Glenys, AKA The Little White Taxi is a restored vintage London taxi.

Designed in 1959 with passenger comfort foremost in mind, once ubiquitous in most UK cities and numbering in the tens of thousands, there are less than two thousand of Glenys' sisters left in the UK.

There are only 307 in a roadworthy condition.

It is estimated that there are less than ten of these classic taxis in the UK licensed to carry passengers.

Taxi bling.JPG

Ironically there are none whatsoever licensed in London nor Coventry where they were built.

This example of the iconic London taxi was built in 1995.

Cab front_edited.jpg

Perhaps not exactly "vintage" but definitely classic owing to the low numbers left in existence.

Delfi bri sands Crop_edited.jpg

When Glenys came to Cornwall in May 2020 she underwent extensive mechanical, cosmetic and interior refurbishment.

Taxi in Bude interior.JPG

Glenys is fully accessible to manual wheelchairs and has a step and swivel seat to help those who are less agile on their feet.

(Although carrying a wheelchair bound passenger does restrict the seating capacity to four people.)

Little White Taxi Interior Front.JPG

Glenys is maintained to the highest standard by Chris and his friend Ozzy, a retired mechanic of many years experience.

Fairway interior offside.JPG

Gorgeous Glenys is environmentally conscious and likes nothing better than to have up to 50% vegetable oil based fuel in her tank.

"...spectacular vehicle..." Louise

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