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Chose either our

Boutique Service

or our extra special

Boutique Cornish Select Service

The Little White Taxi will arrive spotlessly clean with a smartly attired driver. It is exclusively yours for three hours, five hours or more.

Whether your occasion be a shopping trip and boozy lunch with the girls,

a cosy meal for two in that Michelin star restaurant

or an important business meeting.

The Little White Taxi is perfect.

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Complimentary chilled sparkling wine starts your occasion as soon as you board The Little White Taxi.

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The Little White Taxi is exclusively yours for the duration of the hire.

You'll have no worries about finding a taxi in a rural area when you want one.

Going on to your favourite haunt after the main event?

No problem, The Little White Taxi is waiting for you and ready when you are!

To round the evening off nicely, there's a box of goodies and literally "one for the road" on the parcel shelf.

Choose from brandy, port or a selection of cream liqueurs to sip on the way home.


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Want to decorate The Little White Taxi for a birthday or anniversary?

Of course!

Want to stop somewhere for tea and cake?

No problem!

Is alcohol inappropriate for your occasion?

Understood! We can supply alcohol free wine or bottled water instead.

Give us a call to discuss how we can turn your idea into a reality.

Boutique Taxi Hire

Retro Elegance For Any Occasion
A Luxury chauffeur driven service personalised for you


Boutique Travel Price

Boutique Cornish Select Price

Our extra special option.

It can sometimes be quite warm in The Little White Taxi and you may find that the wine evaporates.

This can lead to some distress. We can't actually sell you another bottle as we don't have an alcohol license. However we do, bizarrely, sometimes randomly find a second complimentary bottle hidden in The Little White Taxi.

Should you ask very, very nicely and become overcome with generosity and offer the appropriate gratuity, your driver could be persuaded to carry out a thorough search of The Little White Taxi to see IF a second bottle may somehow have got itself along for a ride.