We are based in Bude.

Whether you want to tour the whole UK or just need to nip to the shops, this beautifully restored classic British taxi will convey up to six passengers with the charm of a bygone era.



A Boutique Chauffeur Driven Service Tailored For You.

Exclusively yours for the whole evening, The Little White Taxi will arrive spotlessly clean to take you and your party to where the action is.

Adding to the sense of occasion there will be a bottle of complimentary bubbly to share.
Going to multiple venues or to your favourite haunt afterwards?
No Problem. Yours for the entire evening, there are no worries about finding a find a cab in a rural area when you want one. The Little White Taxi is ready when you are.
To round the evening off nicely, there's literally "one for the road" on the way home.
Set prices are available for five hour exclusive hire.
Jacket and tie or kilted service.
Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
T's & C's apply.


A unique And Bespoke Chauffeur Service.

A day out with someone special?

Perhaps a shopping trip and long boozy lunch with you and five of your friends?

A day of sightseeing planned and don't want to drive?

The Little White Taxi is perfect for the job. It will arrive spotlessly clean and is exclusively yours all day.

Complimentary bubbly is available by prior arrangement.

A big day for your business?

The Little White Taxi will be available exclusively to transport your V.I.P.s and promote your firm all day.

Also great for club and association outings.

Set prices are available for over three hours exclusive hire.

Jacket and tie or kilted service.

Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

T's & C's apply.

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Taxi in Bude interior.JPG

Land, Sea and Moor Tea.

Take a trip through the beautiful North Cornish countryside and along spectacular coastline. Let us worry about the driving whilst you soak up the scenery as we amble along narrow lanes and through tiny hamlets. Eventually we turn away from the coast toward Bodmin Moor where we explore the awe inspiring landscape before stopping in a hidden glade where the only sounds are the gurgling of the river, the breeze in the trees and the boiling of the kettle. Choose from a range of speciality teas supplied by the award winning Westcountry Tea Co. Freshly made and served in best china to wash down the Cornish splits and scones, which are served with butter, a choice of preserves and clotted cream. Also on offer is traditional saffron cake and other fresh baked goodies. If you prefer the sound of a popping cork to a boiling kettle, we can pause at an off license along the way.

Don't know what a Cornish split is? You'll have to come along to find out!


Here For Your Daily Needs.

Just give us a call shortly before you need us.


Grocery shopping?
Visiting a relative?
Going out for lunch?
Going out for the evening?
Business travel?

Pleasure travel?
We'll be pleased to meet you.

Please note that journeys before 9am must be pre booked and journeys after 21.00 hrs must be part of our whole evening chauffeur hire package.


Being white, The Little White Taxi is perfect for your special day and we'd be so pleased to be a part of it.


The Little White Taxi will arrive shining like a new pin and be decorated with ribbons and flowers to your colour scheme.

There will be a complimentary bottle of bubbly to help wash away the nerves of the bride on the way.

The Little White Taxi has ample space for even the most glamorous and voluminous dress. The wide door and ample grab handles make a beautifully graceful arrival in front of your guests truly effortless.

Of course, you don't have to be a blushing bride in a big dress. We welcome enquiries from same sex couples planning their civil partnership ceremony.

The Little White Taxi can be exclusively yours for the whole day and evening. Taking you to the wedding venue, then the two of you to the reception venue, and then away to your home or hotel at the end of the evening.

It is your big day, just tell us how you want The Little White Taxi to help.

Jacket and tie or kilted service.

Advanced booking essential.

Little White Taxi overlooking Widemouth
Little White Taxi at Davidstow.png
Milky Way Galaxy


 Scenic And Interesting.

(Coming Easter 2021.)

North Cornwall and West Devon have some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK. It's not just pretty, it's an incredibly old landscape and it's history goes back beyond the dawn of civilisation.
Cornwall is littered with stone circles and ancient burial chambers.
Are you intrigued by the legend of King Arthur?

What makes the Bude Canal almost unique in the world?
More recently North Cornwall played an important role in WW2.
Perhaps you'd like to see where Doc Martin practices, or see Ross Poldarks mine?

Would you like to see the landscape that inspired Conan Doyle to write "Hound of The Baskervilles"?
Of course you can make up your own itinerary. Tell me what you want to see and we'll trundle off to see it!


Stars, Ghosts and Beasts.

Bude is located between two internationally recognised "Dark Sky Areas". The night skies are absolutely amazing when the weather is clear.  Of course the wild and lonely landscape has its mysteries. Whether or not you believe in the existence of ghosts, there are well documented sightings of apparitions around North Cornwall and on Bodmin Moor. Of course there's also a chance to spot The Beast of Bodmin!
I can't guarantee ghosts, but complimentary spirits are included in the night tour.
(See what I did there?)

(There will be a night tour of Dartmoor starting Easter 2021)

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport
Old FX4.jpg


Special rates are available for all longer journeys.

Meet and greet service available.
Want to come along to greet or say goodbye to your visitors at the other end?
As long as it's not more than a few miles out of the way, you're welcome.


Great rates are available for long periods of hire.

Perhaps you like the idea of a touring holiday, but don't drive?

Talk to us.

Would you like The Little White Taxi in your next film?

Contact us well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Designed in around 1955 the FX4 was a collaboration between Mann and Overton, who were the vehicle supplier to the London taxi trade, and the British car and van manufacturer Austin.
Designed around the Metropolitan Police "conditions of fitness" the interior head height, step height and legendary turning circle are all requirements for taxis to this day.
Going into production in 1959 the FX4 saw very little change until 1989. The vehicle saw an overhaul of the interior to include wheelchair accessibility, the manufacturers fitted the superb Nissan engine and it was re named "Fairway". A few years later the steering, suspension and braking system were bought up to date. The very last Fairway was built on the first of October 1997.
The Little White Taxi was built in 1995 and had four owners during her twenty year career in London. She was then used as a promotional tool for a firm for around three years before being owned by a taxi trade mechanic for around two years. The Little White Taxi came to Cornwall in June this year and has undergone extensive cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment.

The Little White Taxi is one of around only ten still in public service and one of only 307 currently on the road in the UK. 

Gift Cards Are Available.
Stuck for a gift idea? A Little White Taxi Gift Card is a unique gift.
Buy a Gift Card for as little as £10, buy it in person or we'll put it in the post to you.


Your Driver.

Chris is a professional driver of many years experience. He has passed The Institute of Advanced Motorists advanced driving test both in a taxi and on a motorcycle. He volunteered for some years with a group called "London Advanced Motorcyclists" as an observer (instructor) helping others to pass the advanced test.

He has worked as a Cardington assessed motorcycle instructor.

Chris has held a Suburban London taxi drivers license for many years. He is experienced in helping those who are not so light on their feet and is understanding and accommodating.

All taxi drivers must pass an enhanced DBS (criminal record) check.

The Vehicle.

The Little White Taxi is sanitised between every passenger to make it covid secure. Of course, being a purpose built taxi there is a solid partition between the driver and the passenger compartment.

The Little White Taxi is disabled friendly and fully accessible to manual wheelchairs.

The Little White Taxi is maintained to the highest standard.

The Little White Taxi is environmentally conscious and is fuelled by up to 50% vegetable oil based fuel.

Be Who You Are.

Your religion, sexuality or ethnicity is of no consequence.


We accept cards as well as cash. For larger amounts (day hire, weddings, etc) we also accept bank transfers.

Little White Taxi overlooking Widemouth
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Our Partners.

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